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Unison is recommending NHS staff in Scotland accept a revised pay offer.
According to the union, a revised pay offer, which will see an average rise of just £2,450 for most registered nurses, has been made.
The new offer increases the previous £2,205 pay offer for just those in Band 5 to 8a by between £250 and £350. The offer remains significantly below the current rate of inflation and means a further real-terms pay cut for workers.
Seemingly wanting to avoid strike action, Unison is recommending its members vote to accept the pay offer in a planned vote.
The union has said it believes this is “a final offer from the government” and “the best that can be achieved through negotiation”
Unison Scotland’s Wilma Brown explains,  “These have been long, difficult negotiations and we would never have got this final offer had it not been for the resolve of UNISON NHS members. I want to thank them for standing firm.
“We have decided to recommend this offer to our members, as we believe it’s the best that can be achieved through negotiations. It will go some way to helping NHS members with the cost-of-living crisis.
“However, as we have said to the Scottish government, there’s a huge amount of work to do to get our NHS back to being world class again. This must be the start of the reforms and investment needed to get the NHS back to full health.”
Other unions are yet to declare their views on the offer.

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