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Some nursing staff have been left with just “pennies” after this year’s NHS pay rise.
NHS staff have been disappointed after discovering the pay rise has left some workers either owing money or with a take-home increase equivalent to just a few pence.
Earlier this year, the government gave most NHS workers a £1,400 pay rise.
Payslips shared with NursingNotes showed one nurse owed a massive £412 in pension arrears triggered by the rise, while others saw their overall pay rise by less than £1 due to the increase in statutory deductions.
Speaking to NursingNotes, one nurse explained, “My pay increased by 87p on last month, and is down from July – this isn’t a ‘pay rise’! This government have given with one hand and taken away with another – this isn’t a pay rise; it’s offering pennies to nurses to keep them quiet.”
Trusts previously warned staff in band 3, band 5, and band 8a roles they might be worse off due to the rise.
The news comes during a cost of living crisis and just days after the Conservative government cut tax for the UK’s highest earners and uncapped banker’s bonuses.
Further NHS pension changes in October could see NHS workers even worse off. 
Grassroots group Nurses United is backing health unions’ call to strike action across the NHS.
Lead organiser Anthony Johnson added, “We’ve just seen this Government transfer billions from the public purse in tax cuts for bankers. It’s clear where their loyalties lay and who they’re interested in.
“As nurses, we can’t put up with this, and that’s why we need to take action. When we’re struggling to answer all those call bells or pay our energy bills, we know it is because this government made a political choice to underfund us.
“We have to choose to vote “YES” to taking industrial action. It is the only thing that has the power to bring this government to the table.”

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