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Some NHS workers will actually owe money following this year’s NHS pay award.
NHS employers have already started to prepare their workers after realising that not all staff will be better off following the recent pay award.
Staff in band 3, band 5, and band 8a roles will be affected by a requirement to pay retrospective pension contributions on the pay award due to the pay award moving them between pension bands.
Those in bands 3 and band 5 will have higher than normal pension contributions but will still see a slight overall rise in take-home pay. While some staff at band 8a will see their new pension contribution being higher than the pay award they receive, meaning that any pay increase will be effectively cancelled out.
Some band 8a staff are being warned they may owe hundreds of pounds in pension contributions to cover the backdated pay rise.
Reacting to the news, Nurses United have dubbed the rise a “dodgy deal”.
Lead Organiser Anthony Johnson said, “This is what comes from the Conservative government refusing to negotiate directly with our unions. The Westminster government sets the Budget. That means they are responsible for this dodgy deal. Hiding behind their pay review body is not acceptable when they could get around the negotiation table right now and resolve this.
“Inflation means we’ve already lost a third of our salaries since 2010, and that is directly linked to why we have over 50,000 nursing vacancies. This misery that nurses and patients are being put through is a political choice. One in which the Conservatives have chosen to see NHS staff struggling to pay their bills.
“But we have a choice too. The ballots for industrial action are coming, and we are being asked to strike to protect ourselves and our patients. If you haven’t done so already, update your details with your union and be sure to vote yes to industrial action.

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