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We are seeking an enthusiastic and energetic candidate for a Proteomics Platform Scientist position to join our dynamic Proteomics Team at the Molecular Discovery Platform of CeMM. As a Proteomics Platform Scientist, you will implement and develop innovative proteomics workflows as well as contribute to cutting-edge bio-medical research. Additionally, you will be representing the Proteomics team and the Molecular Discovery Platform in internal meetings, as well as at national and international conferences. In your role as a Proteomics Platform Scientist, you will also supervise a technical assistant and will be responsible for managing several projects in the Molecular Discovery Platform. To be successful in this position, you will need to apply your expertise and bring in a high level of energy and motivation in a stimulating research environment.

The Molecular Discovery Platform 
The CeMM Molecular Discovery Platform uses a technology-driven approach to empower the discovery and characterization of such bioactive molecules, including proteins, metabolites, and novel synthetic compounds. These three classes of molecules are also the focus of the three modules that constitute the CeMM Molecular Discovery Platform — ProteomicsMetabolomics, and Chemical Screening. Using the latest technologies and state-of-the art instrumentation, we maximize coverage to biomolecules and enable data generation from minimal biological sample amounts. The platform, with its three sub-facilities, provides services to all groups at CeMM as well as to external customers and thereby intends to contribute initial starting points towards discovering the therapies of the future.
The Proteomics Facility 
The Proteomics Facility provides services on “state-of-the-art” Mass spectrometry-based proteomics applications to support scientific research groups in basic and translational research. The special design of the MS lab guarantees our customers the highest standards for “high resolution accurate mass” (HRAM) LC-MS instrumentation of the Q Exactive and Fusion Lumos Orbitrap series with staff maintaining and operating the systems at a constant high level. 
The mass spectrometry laboratory space was designed to the highest standards when the group relocated to the new CeMM building on the medical campus. To operate under optimal conditions in an analytically suitable environment, each machine resides in an individual cubicle that is maintained at constant temperature and humidity. Minimal downtime is assured via remote surveillance whereby the performance of the systems can be consistently monitored. Different proteomics work-flows are well established in the facility including protein identification and profiling, quantitative expression proteomics, quantitative phospho-proteomics, Immunoprecipitation and Affinity Purification Mass Spectrometry (IP-MS/AP-MS), as well as targeted Parallel Reaction Monitoring (tPRM). Standard Operation Procedures for Data Dependent Acquisition (DDA), Data Independent Acquisition (DIA), and multiplexed isobaric tagging (TMT) are routinely performed. The state-of-the-art machine park and methodology allows for a robust investigation of the human proteome in different cell types and biological matrices.
CeMM is one of Europe’s leading biomedical research institutes. CeMM researchers routinely publish important discoveries in top journals. Over the last seven years, this included >10 papers in Nature/Cell/Science/NEJM and >30 papers in Nature/Cell sister journals – with a team of 120-150 scientists. Research at CeMM is exceptionally collaborative and has strong focus on medical impact, based on a profound molecular understanding of diseases such as cancer and immune disorders. CeMM is part of the Austrian Academy of Sciences and a founding member of EU-LIFE. It is located at the center of one of the largest medical campuses in Europe, within walking distance of Vienna’s historical city center. A study by “The Scientist” put CeMM among the top-5 best places to work in academia worldwide ( Vienna is frequently ranked the world’s best city to live. It is a United Nations city with a large English-speaking community. The official language at CeMM is English, and >49 different nationalities are represented at the institute. CeMM promotes equal opportunity and harbors a mix of different talents, backgrounds, competences, and interests. 

Please apply online ( with cover letter, CV and contact details of 2 referees. Any application received by May 30th will be considered. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. 
Please apply via recruiter’s website.
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