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5 August 2022
Our national survey for the nursing and midwifery job profile review has now been launched. To find out how your organisation will respond, please contact your HRD.
Following a request made by the Royal College of Nursing (RCN), the NHS Staff Council’s Job Evaluation Group (JEG) has begun work to review the national job profiles for nursing and midwifery (band 4 and above).
The aim of this review is to ensure that the profiles reflect current nursing and midwifery practice and are fit for purpose in all health and care settings. This will help employers meet their legal obligation to ensure pay equality across their workforce.  
As this professional group forms the largest proportion of the NHS workforce, this review is a large-scale project and considered a key priority for the NHS Staff Council. It is envisaged that the full review will take up to two years to complete and the work will be completed in stages with nursing and midwifery profiles being reviewed separately.
Successful profile reviews are based on accurate and agreed job information. JEG needs to ensure that evidence provided to the review is accurate, relevant, manageable and reflects the landscape and wide range of specialisms to identify how the profiles may need to be amended or updated. 
All NHS Employer organisations operating throughout the United Kingdom will have the opportunity to engage in this review by providing evidence and data on their nursing and midwifery roles.
The main vehicle for evidence gathering will be a national survey of NHS organisations across the UK (released w/c 26 September) to be sent via HRDs to job evaluation leads within trusts and boards. Arms-length bodies will also be included. 
This survey will assist the JEG Profile Group in its work to understand the modern nursing and midwifery landscape and establish the current education, qualifications, training and development requirements within nursing and midwifery professions. Findings from the survey will also feed into wider work to review the health of the Job Evaluation scheme and how it is currently implemented across England.
Prior to the launch of the survey, JEG will publish new information pages on the NHS Employers website and host a webinar (held 7 September) open to leaders across the NHS system, local union reps, HR teams and the Job Evaluation community.
During the evidence gathering stage of the review, JEG will also be looking to engage and work with leaders across the NHS system (including those in devolved nations and administrations) such as the Nursing and Midwifery Council, Health Education England, chief nursing and midwifery officers, NHS Employers and trade unions. 
NHS Employers are providing support to the planning and realisation of the review project and are currently focusing on ensuring that the evidence gathering stage is fully digital and accessible to the system upon its release.
To help you complete the survey, you will need up-to-date information on your organisation and the way job evaluation processes are managed as well as data on Nursing and Midwifery (N&M) jobs that have been matched or evaluated over the last three years. You will also need to be familiar with the current Nursing and Midwifery profiles.
The survey will ask you to indicate your organisation’s experience of using the national profiles so you will find it useful to look at job evaluation records (e.g. matching reports or full evaluations) to gather information to answer the survey questions. For example:
• were posts matched to a particular profile but there were a high number of variations? 
• is the qualification or evidence of experience in the profile up to date? 
• are job examples in the profiles relevant to current nursing and midwifery roles?
• are some profiles not used? 
The survey allows you to submit up to six job descriptions alongside your responses so it will be beneficial to have these available at the time of completing the survey.   
If you are an HR or management-side representative, you should complete the survey in partnership and in conjunction with the staff-side job evaluation lead or an appropriate staff-side representative from your organisation. 
Please forward any queries regarding the nursing and midwifery profile review survey to 
Statements, papers, and guidance that has been agreed jointly through the NHS Staff Council.
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