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Published: Jun 18, 2021 By Lorenzo Soliman
Demands for biomedical engineering jobs are on the rise. If you’re looking for the best opportunities available, let this article be your guide.

There are many biomedical engineering career options on BioSpace, from quality assurance manager to bioengineering director; we got you covered. 
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Look at these trending biomedical engineering career options.
Look at these trending biomedical engineering career options. 
Biomedical engineering is the process of designing, conceptualizing and engineering concepts and tools to be used for health care, such as diagnostics or therapeutics. 
It marries the concepts of medicine and engineering into one while using the advancements in medicine through health care treatment, therapy, diagnosis, and monitoring to design, research, conceptualize and use problem-solving skills involved with engineering.
The current practical application for this field is developing types of equipment in clinics and hospitals for everyday use. The jobs in biomedical engineering career options also involve the maintenance, testing, and recommendations of equipment.
Having a major in biomedical engineering can lead to a whole lot of biomedical engineering career options considering the broad scope of this field.
A graduate in biomedical engineering can consider job positions such as software and hardware engineer, medical device conceptualization, research and development, manufacturing, equipment testing and service, and design and development of medical tools.
Medicine is a very broad field, and technology through the use of engineers is vast as well. Uses through bioinformatics, biomechanics, biomaterial, biomedical optics, tissue engineering, genetic engineering, pharmaceutical engineering, medical imaging, clinical engineering and rehabilitation are covered by bioengineering. 
This leaves a whole lot of opportunities for biomedical engineers who are interested in taking up a career in this particular field.
Genetic engineering concept
BioSpace has many biomedical engineering career options for biomedical engineers who want to broaden their careers in this field. 
Vaxart is looking for a senior scientist/principal scientist for their Upstream Process Development. The responsibilities for these kinds of biomedical engineering career options include the designing, executing, and reporting of experimental activities in a cell culture process development laboratory with a focus on developing a next-generation Ad5 production process.
Part of the work is to handle the process development staff and contract service providers in upstream drug substance process development activities and technology transfer to Manufacturing.
Vaxart, Inc. is a clinical-stage biotech company that develops oral vaccines such as tablets.
Aurion Biotech is looking for a director of bioengineering and delivery to help the team develop a new technology platform for cell therapy products, using these products for clinics. Part of the responsibilities is to identify raw materials for the establishment and the development of the products.
Aurion Biotech is a division of CorneaGen that focuses on cell therapy. This company focuses on ocular diseases and the development of cell therapies to cure the main causes of blindness with a commitment to taking care of the cornea.
Amgenis looking for a senior engineer who can plan, design, execute, and document studies in the laboratory related to the processing, formulation, visual inspection, and process development in support of product commercialization and life cycle management.
Part of their responsibilities includes data analysis using different software, delivering reports, reviewing guidelines and applications, and applying engineering skills to take on technical problems who are opting for one of these biomedical engineering career options.
Amgen is a drug product formulation company that develops various biological modalities such as viruses, RNA, and large molecules.
Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is looking for an R&D associate for Immune Technologies. The responsibilities asked for this position include conducting and supporting experiments for novel antibody and cell therapy. Also, the associate is required to assist in developing mouse models for engineered cell therapies.
VelocImmune, which is the technology that Regeneron created, develops and engineers novel protein, nucleic acid, and cell-based therapies.
On the other hand, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals is a biotech company that is developing medicine for life-threatening illnesses, including cancer, blood, infectious, eye, and rare diseases, as well as allergic and inflammatory conditions.
Part of the biomedical engineering career options being offered is the QA manager position from Zosano Pharma Corporation. The responsibilities of a quality assurance manager include the development and implementation of strategies and protocols for cGMP systems, including manufacturing equipment, manufacturing cleanrooms, utilities, quality control equipment, and electronic document management system. 
The manager is required to supervise their staff and ensure that the products are top quality.
Zosano Pharma Corporation is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focusing on bioactive molecules and therapeutics in migraine treatment.
Career Advice For Those Interested In Biomedical Engineering Jobs
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Experience in the field is highly advised. For those who are just starting, becoming a research assistant at the college level is extremely important and could do a lot to beef up your resume.
Showing a solid experience/career summary in biomedical engineering career options is a plus. List your key skills in specific and getting into details is relevant. Lastly, a clear and concise professional history to describe the duties is needed. This is also where you need to list down your key accomplishments in the field.
Attaining enough knowledge and educational background is very important, especially in this line of work. Having a Ph.D. or a Master’s degree is highly recommended and could greatly improve an applicant’s chances of employment.
There is no specific path when getting a career in biomedical engineering because this field can be broad and could provide many opportunities. It is a highly valued field that involves research, development, and professionals working together to solve complicated medical problems that humankind is facing. 
Make sure to take advantage of the biomedical engineering career options above and land your dream job!
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